Hi, I’m Deryn

I have a BSc in biochemistry and a Diploma in Business Studies (Marketing) and am also a fully qualified massage therapist.

You might gather I’ve had my fingers in a few pies over the years and for a few I was running my own mobile therapeutic massage business but due to a medical condition I lost my driver’s licence for a bit. It’s kind of difficult running a mobile business when you’re not mobile!!! I like to be busy so during this period I put my energies into other projects and this was when I started retailing to the wider community some of the products that my massage clients were benefiting from. I’m also a self-confessed gadget-geek so things just snowballed from there. This is why there’s a rather unusual mix of products. I just like what I like! Recently I’ve decided to leave the electronics market to others – it’s just too volatile. So if you’re wondering where those old sim card readers and bluetooth dongles went that used to be on this site, the few that I have left are on their way to Te Papa as museum pieces (just kidding! Even Te Papa doesn’t want them).

I maintain this site myself and I’m pretty much a one-armed paper hanger so if you’re having any problems with it let me know and if I can’t solve it myself, well I guess I’ll just have to hire someone with two arms.