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I bought an Expand-A-Lung because I like to do snorkeling and free diving and I thought it might help me stay under the water longer. I have found that my lung capacity has increased so it has helped. I have to keep using it as I discovered that if I stopped using it my lung capacity dropped again so you can’t slack off. It only takes about a week of using the Expand-A-Lung though to notice an improvement. I can highly recommend them to anyone who needs to improve their lung power.

I wish I had discovered Biofreeze pain relief gel years ago. It soothes my aches and pains wonderfully. I have arthritis and I can use Biofreeze as often as I need to, all I need to do is massage it into my joints. It’s economical too, a tube lasts 2 to 3 months.

I am already using the female version of the Sacrowedgy myself and am stunned at the improvement in some serious back/leg problems I have been suffering over quite a long period. This little tool, which I have only been using in the past fortnight, has done more for my problems than the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I have spent on chiropractors and osteopaths in the past 3 years. I am purchasing this new sacrowedgy for my partner in the hope it may help improve serious issues he also has with his back/legs/knees.


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